Ventilate Right – Panel Discussion

Director Matt Bridgestock was recently invited to be part of an expert panel at the premier of the Mackintosh Environmental Research Unit’s ‘Ventilate Right’ film screening. This film, made by MEARU, demonstrates the simple steps people can take, to ensure well ventilated, healthy homes. The panel discussion focused on what designers more should be doing to ensure better ventilation and what future building standards hold in store.

This important work undertaken by MEARU feeds into our Hab-Lab project.

MEARU’s Film

Ventilation of our homes should be simple and effective. It is an essential requirement in homes to provide clean air for breathing and to dilute moisture, odours and pollutants arising from everyday activities such as drying laundry, cleaning, bathing and cooking. In the drive for energy efficiency house design has changed and, as our homes become better-insulated and more draught proof, it is now even more important that we all understand how to ventilate our homes adequately. However recent research undertaken by MEARU in a variety of social rented, affordable and private dwellings in Scotland has shown that dwellings are not being adequately ventilated. This can negatively affect indoor air quality and the health of the occupants. This unique film is a free online resource for housing providers and occupants that aims to raise awareness of ventilation and demonstrate how it can be achieved.