Sustainability in Re-use

Appointed by A+DS and aimed at supporting the work of Estates Teams across the NHS in Scotland tasked with making decisions on the reuse of existing buildings, the report is a study into the sustainability of reusing healthcare buildings. The NHS has a large existing estate and there is increasing recognition that it can no longer afford to simply vacate / demolish and build anew as new demands are placed on facilities.

The study looked closely at four case studies where buildings have been successfully reused and refurbished. It investigated the challenges which arise when reusing older buildings, and drew lessons from the case studies to see how these challenges can be overcome. In addition the study looked at the potential benefits of building reuse, and introduced a number of new issues which cast new light on the familiar arguments for and against reuse or demolition.

These new issues, such as the importance of waste management and resource flow relative to carbon emissions, the increasing awareness of the ‘performance gap’ and a contemporary understanding of embodied energy, all point the way towards a shift in the way we value existing buildings, in the hope that this can lead to a more rounded and accurate assessment of all options.


Download the report from A&DS website