#JGADeclares – Rachel & Beauty Kitchen

Beauty Kitchen – Sustainable Beauty, Sustainable Client.
The impact that the beauty industry has on our planet can be extremely detrimental especially when it comes to waste management. There is an exception to the rule however, paving the way in the standards of reusable, sustainable products. Our clients Jo & Stuart Chidley, creators of Beauty Kitchen, are keen to make a difference with their take on what the beauty industry & what we as consumers can do to be more sustainable. They strongly encourage the reuse of bottles & containers, have fully recyclable packaging & are even branching out with a refillable bottle system for their products in Boots. The products are not only sustainable but are fun & quirky – even with the creation of a plastic free, biodegradable glitter.
However it goes further than just creating sustainable products – as the business is growing at an exponential rate the spatial requirements for the company are ever increasing. Having outgrown their current premises, an existing warehouse, they looked to JGA for an expansion.  Their intentions were evident from the get go – an extension of the business that would be as sustainable as possible: the reuse of reclaimed materials, exploring the concept of reusing building materials, & incorporating renewable resources where possible. The design has to be suitable for both the now & the future – being flexible, expandable & easily moved & altered while insuring as little waste as possible. This project is not only an expansion of their business but a complete reflection of their company ethos & values as a whole.
Working with clients with such a wonderful, positive ethos is not only inspiring creatively but in everyday life. As both clients & entrepreneurs they’re extremely enthusiastic & passionate about everything that they do & it reflects in the Design Team meetings. Their drive for sustainability has lead to the practice exploring new options in materiality & pushing the boundaries of recycling & reusing. We, as an office & as a Design Team, are extremely excited to see where this project goes.