Cakeybraggan Construction Complete

Cakeybraggan Construction Complete

John Gilbert Architects has completed construction of Cakeybraggan – a multi-layered and marzipan insulated replica of Cultybraggan Visitors’ Centre – for an architectural bake-off.

Cakeybraggan competed in Glasgow Institute of Architects’ Edible Architecture yesterday (28 July) as part of the Merchant City Festival. It took baker and builder Heather Harbison a fortnight to construct Cakeybraggan and the finishing touches were applied as the exhibition opened to the public at noon.

Thirteen architectural practices participated in the bake-off which was well attended throughout the day. It was a great opportunity to talk to people about the real Cultybraggan project and low energy retrofitting of existing buildings. The cakes were tasted by the judges before each practice did a short presentation on the methodology for their cake creations.

Cakeybraggan was commended by the judges for use of traditional materials (flour, eggs, butter) sourced within walking distance of the construction site (it’s only a five minute walk to Aldi from Heather’s house).

The cake was made from different types of madeira sponge to represent the variety of insulation types used at Cultybraggan Visitors’ Centre for Comrie Development Trust. The marzipan provided an excellent airtight layer for application of the corrugated icing. Crumbled chocolate cake was used to represent the earth and hard landscaping was created using sandpaper and modelmaking grass.

Heather said “We chose the classic Nissen hut design for its strength and recognisable shape. I specified Madeira sponge as it is a strong structure for taking the weight of marzipan and icing. It can also be frozen so I was able to prepare and plan the cake in advance. I’m a very amateur baker so it was a steep learning curve. I got lots of good advice thanks to my Mum and our librarian, Jak. My husband Martin was also a great help as he listened to me talking about the cake for weeks and delivered the heavy cake to the venue. The icing alone was 3kg!”

The practice is now demolishing the cake responsibly.