Your Buildings, Your Future

Working with Architecture + Design Scotland (SUST programme),  Development Trust Association Scotland and editor Richard Baynes, we developed an accessible guide to the development process for community-based clients.


Across Scotland and the UK, more and more communities are planning their own places, working together to deliver new housing, community space and enterprise areas, and managing their environment. These projects are being undertaken by ambitious community groups made up of all sorts of people.

Advice and guidance on developing sustainable new buildings can be hard to find. This guide provides advice and assistance on the process of creating sustainable architecture that responds to its place, is wanted by the community and has minimal impact on the environment.

The guide will steer those who are new to commissioning buildings through the development process and act as a checklist for those with a bit more experience. It is not a substitute for employing experienced and knowledgeable professionals to help and guide you through the process, but it can help you to speak the same language as the professionals and to expect the same things as them from each step. It is principally aimed at communities in Scotland, and the references to regulations and further information are primarily for them. If you are using this outwith Scotland, regulations and information sources may be different.

The practical stages required to complete a successful project are laid out here step by step. All members of your professional design and construction team will recognise these stages, allowing you to focus on the issues that are most important to you. Ambitious projects can bring communities together and it is hoped this guide will produce more grassroots development projects in Scotland, more sustainable architecture and more communities with the facilities they need.

Download Your Buildings, Your Future report