Quick Start Guides

In collaboration with Mackintosh Environmental Architectural Research Unit and Duich McKay, we won this tender issued by the Building Standards Division of Scottish Government. We were asked to consider the contents and format of guidance for householders as an optional part of the new Section 7 on Sustainability that was introduced into the building regulations in May 2011.

We looked at existing practice from social housing, private housing, commercial properties from Scotland, England and further afield. We also spoke to a number of people involved in design and research of user-friendly controls for heating and ventilation controls. We developed the idea of a quick start guide – a short, easy to read document for new householders. We developed a template of information and key criteria for the quick start guide together with key graphic guidance.

We used the Glasgow Housing Association’s experimental Glasgow Houses as examples and made up quick start guides for these houses. We then tested these guides and their comprehension in a workshop attended by a range of people, including the new residents.


The completed report can be downloaded here – Quick Start Guide Research