Post Occupancy Evaluation

This project was undertaken by the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit (MEARU) in collaboration with the partner SME John Gilbert Architects Ltd (JGA).

The aim of the feasibility study was to explore the potential for the development of a cost effective Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) methodology (with a particular sustainability focus) that can be used to gather both quantitative and qualitative information regarding energy and environmental performance of housing. This would provide useful data for the designers, clients and users, leading to improved performance of the existing houses and future designs.

JGA assisted in the selection of sample house types from 4 Housing Associations and liaised with participating housing providers. MEARU undertook data acquisition via resident survey questionnaires and durational monitoring of 8 selected housetypes. JGA and MEARU have reviewed the process to identify key areas for inclusion and most cost effective outcomes for a POE methodology which could be widely used. MEARU has also developed a sample on-line POE tool and template documentation which could be applied to future POE exercises carried out by using Associations on their new build housing stock.


The study outputs are available to download here – Post Occupancy Methodology