Parking Bay Sizes

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Planners are now asking for individual domestic off-street parking bays to be 6 x 3 metres rather than 5 x 2.5 metres. This will increase the proportion of hard to soft landscaping, is further evidence of the car gaining importance over the pedestrian and is diametrically opposed to all recent thinking on sustainable urban development.

Where is this coming from - are people such bad drivers these days that they need a longer, wider space to aim at or is this an insidious victory for the SUV lobby?

no if you take a look at car

no if you take a look at car design they are longer & wider vehicles being made nowadays I own a Audi Q7 car parking bays are neither long or wide enough to allow access to & from the vehicle. Wider bays are needed, small spaces meen more spaces, meens more money ,Simple really isn't it!!!!IT's ALL ABOUT MONEY NOT SAFETY

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