Sustainable Dunblane

Compliance, Hab-Lab, LocateArch, Measurement

Sustainable Dunblane was awarded funding from the Government’s Climate Challenge Fund to study ‘Hard to Treat’ Housing in Dunblane which represents 42% of Dunblane Community Council’s housing stock. We undertook energy assessments of 18 houses using RdSAP, SAP, NHER and PHPP. We also undertook airtightness tests and thermal imaging to confirm u-value assumptions.

Whilst there were no discernible differences between the types of property, we did establish that each different survey method used to model the houses energy performance gives a significantly different result. This leads to natural speculation about which is the most accurate, which we have tried to answer in the full report.

Thermal Imaging

Airtightness testing

Comparing energy assessment tools

Snapshot Report