Douglas Atholl Steel Retrofit

Compliance, Environment, Hab-Lab, Measurement, People

Working with Clyde Valley Housing Association we conducted  monitoring of an Atholl Steel four-in-a-block building, located in Douglas, South Lanarkshire. The study includes the monitoring of two previously refurbished flats in order to evaluate the building performance conditions and recent improvement works. A raft of monitoring techniques were used to evaluate the issues and performance of the homes, including indoor air quality testing, mould sampling and interviews with the occupants. 
Based on the evidence gathered, retrofit solutions were proposed to improve air quality and thermal comfort while also reducing heat loss and meeting EESSH compliance. 
An innovative natural ventilation solution was installed along with upgrades to the building fabric, ventilation and heating systems and controls. The houses are currently being monitored to confirm the performance of the installed measures.

Thermal Imaging and Airtightness testing

Energy and Air Quality monitoring

Hab-Lab Partnership