Townhead Spire

Community Space, Conservation & Retrofit

Townhead Spire is all that remains of the Townhead and Blochairn Parish Church build on the top of Roystonhill in 1865. The architect was J.J. Stevenson who shared his office with Cottier. The original church was decorated by Cottier with other decoration by Burne-Jones.The spire presents a magnificent landmark and silhouette overlooking Glasgow.

We were commissioned by the Glasgow Building Preservation Trust to carry out the restoration works, although once completed the building will become the responsibility of the Rosemount Spire and Park Project. The work, which is presently on site, largely involves stone indenting repairs, but there were also areas which required to be rebuilt from scratch, such as the topmost section of the main spire and finial.

Stonemasons have a difficult job recreating the decorative features , inside the spire, new metal access decks and ladders have been built, providing safe access for maintenance. The original rose vent opening will have a new clockface lit from behind, and the spire itself will be floodlit.